About Us

We are a company specialising in the production of fresh filled pasta and have been in the business for over 40 years. With the aim of not losing sight of who we were, we took on the challenge of taking our expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to a higher level, which has allowed us to grow a great deal in recent years.
Our pasta factory now encompasses the distinctive traits of the small artisan fresh pasta workshop and those of the more advanced food industry: the challenge lies in bringing together these two apparently very different souls.
Materie prime di alto livello, gli stessi fornitori locali di sempre, personale di fiducia, cura dei dettagli, mantenimento di uno standard di qualità elevato, ma anche macchinari all’avanguardia, moderni ed efficienti, un consolidato sistema di produzione e distribuzione, il rispetto quasi maniacale delle stringenti normative in materia di igiene e salute dei prodotti alimentari, ci caratterizzano.
What has not changed, from 1981 to today, is the result: a range of good and always recognisable products.
We are Ruben and Anna, a couple in life and partners in work, at the helm of a healthy company where people come before profit, relationships with collaborators, customers and suppliers before personal interests; at the head of a brigade of young, close-knit people, full of energy, but also of a sense of responsibility and spirit of sacrifice, who feel part of a team working for a shared project, quality.


The Pastificio Vincenza Mura began its activity in the early 1980s, at the behest of its namesake founder, originally from Nuoro, who was the first to introduce to the Cagliari market a typical sweet from her hometown, Sebadas. Animated by her unwavering enthusiasm, without full knowledge, Vincenza Mura, with the support of her husband Salvatore, began to make Sebadas in a small room made inside her home, following the recipe learned from her mother Francesca. They liked the product so much that, from the small room, they moved on to a small artisan workshop and there, in that room in Genneruxi, Cagliari, they began a journey of relentless growth, which has continued over time. Today, so many years later, in a different location, with new machinery and a more modern entrepreneurial management, the pasta factory collects and preserves the precious inheritance left to it by its founder, made up of craftsmanship, love for tradition, careful selection of raw materials, combined, however, with the pleasure of experimentation and contamination of traditional recipes.Our customers have grown, and if before the target market was represented by small food shops, today, the Pastificio's production is destined for large-scale distribution, prestigious hotels and receptive structures, which require important supplies, if compared to the ambitious business objectives set. What we essentially boast of is that our products, within the Sardinian GD, have no competition in terms of quality, but only, and inevitably, in terms of price. Every day, we strive to ensure that we maintain a high standard of quality, thanks to our constant search for quality raw materials, attractive and refined packaging, compliance with the strict regulations on hygiene and food health, and, above all, the enthusiasm of our staff, who love their work and carry it out with great sacrifice.


Via T. A. Edison, 9/11/13 - 09131 Cagliari
Tel. 070403093 - Cell. +393383309347
Pec: pastificiovincenzamura@pec.it
E-mail: info@pastificiovincenzamura.it