The Culurgiones

The Dumpling Ravioli, Potatoes, Pecorino and Mint: Closed strictly by hand, with the traditional herringbone embroidery, our culurgiones are distinguished by their very tasty filling of a creamy potato, pecorino, garlic and mint sauce that produces a real explosion of flavor. Here tradition and innovation come together in a happy meeting!

Pay attention to the cooking of our ravioli!
Cook them in plenty of salted water, but only until they come to the surface; once they come to the surface, drain and season to taste.
Warning. If you intend to season them by sautéing them, be sure to drain them a few seconds beforehand.

  • Ingredients Puff pastry 40%

    Durum wheat semolina, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt.
  • Ingredients Stuffing 60%

    Water, potato flakes (dehydrated potatoes, emulsifier: E471, antioxidant: E223, spices), aged pecorino cheese (ewe's milk 70%, goat's milk 20%, cow's milk 10%, rennet, salt) 12.2% on filling and 7.3% on total, milk, salt, garlic, mint 0.14% on filling and 0.08% on total.
  • Storage Temperature

    4° C
  • Product Packaged in Protective Atmosphere