Ogliastra-style Ravioli with Squid and Roasted Tomatoes

  • Preparation:

    In a large nonstick pan sauté 1/2 cloves of garlic and plenty of shallots in extra-virgin olive oil; add fresh squid, cut into 3-mm-thick rings, and cook over high heat; let it season well and then douse with plenty of brandy, adding chili and chopped ginger or if you prefer lemon zest. Let go until the squid are soft and the sauce thick (you may need to wet the squid with a little water from time to time while cooking). In the meantime, cut piccadilly or cherry tomatoes in half, arrange them on a baking sheet with 1 pinch of salt and brown sugar, and bake them at 150° until they are cooked through. Once cooled, incorporate the roasted cherry tomatoes into the squid, and add plenty of fresh parsley. Cook the ogliastrina-style ravioli in plenty of salted water, just until emerged, and top with your roasted squid and cherry tomato sauce. On the plate, a drizzle of evo oil.